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The first step in obtaining your New York State Insurance License is to complete the ONLINE Prelicensing Course and pass the Monitored Online Final Exam. You have an unlimited number online Practice Finals and your Score Report and Study Regiment exercises will prepare you for your Monitored Final and State Exam

Once You pass the Online Monitored Final Exam, GlobalED Insurance Institute will issue you a Certificate of Completion. The Certificate of Completion qualifies you to take the New York State Insurance Licensing Examination. It is suggested you sit for your PSI Licensing Exam 3-4 days after passing your Monitored Final Exam

In between passing your Monitored Final and taking the PSI Exam you should be in XAM-NET taking an Exam Simulation to evaluate your performance under real exam conditions. Score Reports and the Study Regiment exercise is also available after each Exam Sim. Your final prep is the one-time Green Light Exam taken 2 days prior to your state Licensing Exam

Register and Enroll in the course by going to the appropriate links in the Left Menu

LICENSING EXAM: 800-733-9267

The NYS Licensing Exam is administered through PSI Exams. To register for your Licensing Exam, click on the PSI Exams Online Logo above:

  • Register with PSI for $49

  • Select an Exam Location near you

A Passing Score Report (70%) qualifies you to apply for your New York State License


Upon completing the two New York State Insurance Department Licensing Requirements: The Prelicensing Course and the Licensing Exam you may file for your Original Resident License ONLINE by going to the Insurance Department Link Below:

  • License Fee: $40 per annum

  • CE Admin Fee: $10 per license term

NY Insurance Department Online Application Link


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