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This page is for Continuing Education Courses and the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) for Credentialed Tax Professionals like the EA, ERPA and CPA.

If you want CE courses for the non-credentialed PTIN, select the Non-Credentialed Taxation Program: AFSP

If you want to earn AFSP CE Credits for EA Exam Prep courses Click Here for EA Exam Prep Courses


The Cert is for your personal records. If the IRS ever wants to see your Cert, they will ask you for it. The Service properly puts the reporting burden on approved Continuing Education Providers like GlobalED to report your courses and credits directly to the IRS. You guys have enough on your plate to keep you busy. We'll do all the reporting of your CE credits so you can stay focused on the more important tax issues you face.

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Designation Enrollment Cycle Annual Credit Requirements
EA & ERPA 72 CE Credits Every 3 Years 16 Minimum
2 Ethics
AFSP Exempt: 15 Credits Annually 10 - Tax law
3 - Updates
2 - Ethics
AFSP Non-Exempt: 18 Credits Annually 10 - Tax Law
6 - AFTR
2 - Ethics

AFSP: Annual Filing Season Program

What advantage does the Credentialed Preparer have in obtaining the AFSP Record of Completion (RoC)? Well, none really for you already have unlimited representation rights and a listing in the IRS Public Directory. The only benefit is hanging the RoC issued by the IRS on your office wall.

The RoC costs nothing and because you have to obtain more credits annually than the AFSP requires as long as you have the appropriate credits in the three categories of Tax Law; Updates and Ethics, so why not?

If you're looking for online CE for your credential, look no further for online is the fast and convenient way to attain your required CE. Check our catalog and enroll in the block of credits you need for this cycle.

I'm a New EA, How Many CE Credits Do I Need?


Enroll Credit Contracts Price
40 -  47 Credits $199
32 -  39 Credits $175
24 - 31 Credits $150
16 - 23 Credits $125
4 - 15 Credits $99
1 - 3 Credits $50


How It Works

We have eliminated the six month contract and opted for course expiration dates to coincide with IRS deadline dates regardless of when you enroll. You can still take advantage of our Contract Tiers as listed above but because the same courses may apply to different IRS CE programs with different expiration dates we will not automatically expire courses.

Because this is an internet based CE system, you will need to take a short exam for each course selected. IRS regs require a minimum of 5 questions for every credit offered and a score of 70% or better to earn a course Certificate of Completion. You may take unlimited exam retakes until you pass, but most preparers pass on their first or second attempt. When pass your exam we email your Cert within 24 hours of passing on regular business days. Exams passed after Noon on Friday will be emailed no later than the close of business on Monday.

GlobalED electronically reports all credits to the IRS so DO NOT report your education credits to the IRS, for they want reporting from approved providers only. Our Certs are for your personal records.

There are NO REFUNDS for CE Courses once enrolled. If you select more credit than what you've contracted for, you will need to pay GlobalED the price differential for the actual course credits selected that exceed your contract before a Cert will be issued. For example, if you contract for the $99 4-15 credit tier but your final course brings you into the $125 16-23 credit tier, you must pay GlobalED $26 before they grant you access to that course that put you over the limit. All credits above 47 credit tier will be charged $10 per credit.

AFTR Course: An EA will NOT receive CE credit for this course because it exclusively applies to the non-credentialed preparer enrolled in the AFSP RoC program.



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