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The Internal Revenue Service regulates the Enrolled Agent and the Enrolled Agent credential. Obtaining the credential requires that each candidate pass a three part Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) administered by Prometric. The IRS has established an SEE Blackout Period every March and April as prep time for the next exam cycle. Therefore, when taking EA Test Prep courses, give yourself enough time to master the material so you can schedule your SEE exam prior to June 30, 2019, the last exam date for the 2018 cycle.

Commencing July 1, 2019 the new exam content starts later this year due to TCJA and the government shutdown. Please note for this exam cycle the IRS has mandated 2018 tax law. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law in effect for the 2018 tax year only will be the SEE content up through February, 29, 2020.

Each SEE exam consist of 100 questions: 85 scoreable and 15 Pre-Test questions that must be completed within 3.5 Hours exam. A pre-test question does not count toward your score or against your time. The SEE exams are on the following major topics and the IRS has approved GlobalED to offer CE credits for each test prep course that may be applied to the voluntary AFSP: Annual Filing Season Program.

  • Part 1: Individuals: 5 CE credits in Federal Tax Law

  • Part 2: Business: 5 CE credits in Federal Tax Law

  • Part 3: Representation, Practices & Procedures: 2 CE credits in Ethics

Examination Provider: Prometric SEE or Phone: 800-306-3926 to schedule an exam.

The following information and Bulletin may be obtained at the Prometric website.

  •  Candidate Information Bulletin: Details your Registration Procedures

  • Test Specifications: Specific Topics on your three SEE Examinations

  • Tutorial, Understanding the Score Report, and FAQ

Why Become an EA: Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is America's Taxation Expert. Their role to the public is vital for they advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and any entity with tax-reporting requirements. Unlike the Attorney and CPA, all Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation.

The GlobalED Solution: We offer an internet course, eBook and proprietary simulated exam questions through XAM-NET, our powerful online simulation examination system that is ready for the May 1, SEE: Special Enrollment Exam cycle. Here's what you'll get:

  • Secure Internet Access
  • Candidate selects their own User ID and Password
  • A 1,000+ Question Bank with "Fresh" questions
  • UNLIMITED Online Practice Simulation Exams
  • A Score Report for every Exam Sim
  • Question Review for every Exam
  • Answer Rationale and Topic Locator for Every Question
  • Topical Tally Sheet to ID weak topics
  • Free PDF Book accessible upon course enrollment
  • CE credits for each EA Test Prep course passed that may be applied to AFSP

EA PRE-PAY DISCOUNT PACKAGE: Prepay for all three courses and save a hundred bucks. Now that the IRS has made credits available for all three parts of the Enrolled Agent Test Prep courses, we will offer you financial incentive strategies to combine your EA Test Prep with the Annual File Season Program. We'll offer you three EA cycles that begin every May 1 which end every February 28. From the date you pass the Prometric Exam for Part 1, Individuals, you have 2 years to complete SEE parts 2 & 3. We also offer package options and special offers should you decide to do so sooner. Strategy details are available in the Prepay course upon enrollment.

Another option is to enroll in EA1 at regular price and we'll offer you an EA2/EA3 package next year for $350. This package price applies a to all who passed SEE 1, regardles of provider.

XAM-NET ONLY OPTIONS: Simulated Exam options are now available to non GlobalED students preparing for EA SEE exams. Our students enjoy high first time pass rates and XAM-NET is a critical component to that success. If you are taking a prep course with a competitor but want to take our Exam Sims ... you can! Why do this? Because we hope you will enroll with us for your next SEE Exam Prep course once you see just how effective our courses are in preparing you to pass your SEE. We also want you to tell others about GlobalED exam prep options.

ONLINE: Enrolled Agent SEE Test Prep
EA PrePay Parts 1, 2 & 3 w/XAM-NET, eBook $500
EA PrePay Parts 2 & 3 w/XAM-NET, eBook $350
EA SEE Part 1: Internet Course w/XAM-NET, eBook $199
EA Part 1: XAM-NET ONLY: 25 Simulated Exams $75
EA Part 1: XAM-NET ONLY: 10 Simulated Exams $50
EA SEE Part 2: Internet Course w/XAM-NET, eBook $199
EA Part 2: XAM-NET ONLY: 25 Simulated Exams $75
EA Part 2: XAM-NET ONLY: 10 Simulated Exams $50
EA SEE Part 3: Internet Course w/XAM-NET, eBook $199
EA Part 3: XAM-NET ONLY: 25 Simulated Exams $75
EA Part 3: XAM-NET ONLY: 10 Simulated Exams $50

GlobalED has No Membership Dues and Nothing to Join for you to receive the highest quality examination preparation and continuing education courses available. You get our low prices without haggle. If you are a principal for a large, multi-state tax preparation operation, we may be able to offer you and your employees nationwide discount prices for volume enrollments. Speak to one of our staff for more information on our volume discount program. View Our Privacy Policy

EA: Enrolled Agent  Courses

The three SEE: Enrolled Agent exams are administered by Prometric, a professional  testing organization that requires another professional testing and measurement organization like GlobalED to prepare candidates to pass their licensing examinations. Here's what Prometric reveals about itself on their website, "The construction, design and development of testing programs that are relevant, psychometrically sound and legally defensible." The large exam fee puts the cost of failure quite high.

The GlobalED Online eLearning Management System uses State-of-the-Art Personalized eLearning TechnologiesSM  to Instruct, Measure and Enhance Learning the Topical Content in preparation for the three part Enrolled Agent exams. Exam content is taken directly from IRS and Federal publications and the Tax Code. Don't play Russian Roulette with your Tax Career and hard earned money by looking for the "cheapest" or "freebie" courses. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" rings true. Let the Exam Prep experts guide you through your exam.


Unlike some other practice exams which are nothing more than "recycled" test questions released by the IRS, we use "Fresh Questions" that are relevant to today's exam. We simply do not think you should spend your precious time studying for the 2016 or 2017 exam in 2019 ... psssst, those exams are gone, they're not offered anymore. We prepare you for the "Next" exam, not the "Last" exam with our XAM-NET online testing system. We hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to us.

XAM-NETTM  Personalized Learning TechnologySM transforms Weakness into Strengths with Practice and Simulated Examinations and Self-Evaluation Tools that prepare Candidates to pass the Prometric examinations the first time you take it. This is eLearning at its best.

Our proprietary Study System uses the Score Report and other learning tools to identify specific topics so you can target read what you need to pass the Prometric exam. Our technology is designed to help candidates accelerate scores with exam simulation. So what are you waiting for? Enroll already for goodness sake.

eBook, Course Material and IRS Publications

Our eBooks are in pdf format and designed for use with XAM-NET. Some eBooks are 300+ pages but you may print it once for personal use unless used for resale. Resale of our books without our permission is a no-no so please do not. All SEE Topical Content is covered in our materials. We gratefully acknowledge the IRS for granting GlobalED unrestricted use of their tax material, instructions, and publications in creating our eLearning tax prep courses. The Tax Code, IRB and other related material are our exclusive sources for course content.



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