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Restoring Our Republic: Patriot's Guide to American Exceptionalism



This series of Continuing Education courses is designed to empower Americans to restore the truths of American Exceptionalism through a thorough examination of critial aspects of American life that has been revised, distorted and twisted by the Statist-Progressive Movement during the last century. Their desire is to destroy and overturn our Constitutional Republic into a socialist democracy, Corrupt and destroy Free Market Capitalism, Trample under-foot Constitutional Rule which demand limited powers of the federal government.

The attack on American Exceptionalism bagan back in the early 1900's where a steady erosion of Constitutional rule began by the Progressive Movement. The Progressives are in reality Statists who favor a strong centralized federal government with unlimited power to impose its will, by force if necessary, upon its unarmed citizens with totalitarian control over all industrial, economic, and social aspects of the State.

The first in our series of American Exceptionalism courses will be on The American Political Party System. The political parties have been running American government from the time of George Washington till now, yet most Americans are oblivious on how the political parties are designed to work. The party structures vary from state to state so we are beginning this series with examining the Republican Party of Texas and New York. We will be adding other state training programs as they become available.

The American Political Party System


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