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The American Political System

This is the first training program in the Restoring Our Republic Series: Patriot's Guide to American Exceptionalism.

The American Political Party System will in time examine each state's political party structure and design. For now, we will start with the great state of Texas and New York.

This is a "How To" Restore Integrity, Honor and Statesmanship to political parties and the candidates they endorse for office. The time has come for "Grassroots Americans" to seize control of runaway government by career politicians.

The Statist Progressives have tainted both parties but utterly consumed the Democrats. The RINO (Republican in Name Only) seeks to influence a new direction for the Republican Party just like they did for the Democrat Party. What all RINO's share in common is the abandonment of traditional Conservative values that once united the Republican Party.

If this Nations Fails to return to our Conservative roots and Judeo-Christian ethic our future is that of Statism ... Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Sharia form of a transnational big government state. Common Sense must once again prevail if this nation is to survive as a free nation of individuals with individual liberty.

The Texas and the New York Political Party training programs will show you how to Save the Republic from ruin and restore our Nation to its rightful place as that "Beacon of Light Set upon a Hill" for all the world to see and emulate.

State Political Party Structure               Suggested Tuition:  $100

But Hold On ... Your TEA Party, 912, or Conservative Group will offer you BIG Tuition Discounts!

GlobalED is commited to working with all conservative TEA party groups across the United States. If you are a dues paying member of a local TEA party, 912, or other conservative group you are entitled to a Significant Discount in course price. Contact you local group to enroll. If you're not a member of your local group, you can search for a local group to join below and then enroll.

Join your local group and save significant money when you enroll. They will give you a Discount Code that you will apply at check-out in our secure shopping cart. There is a $25 non-refundable Registration Fee built into the tuition price for each course.




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